In defence of…my wardrobe! Day 3

Not a combination I'll wear again!

Not a combination I’ll wear again!

Ugh. Sometimes bad prints happen to good people. And there’s nothing to be done about it.Today’s one of those days I dread. There’s nothing to do but put the flailing Christmas tree out of its misery and plough through a haystack of laundry. This is one of those days when I can’t rely on my stash of easy dresses to make me look and feel stylish…and ‘at home casual’ has never been my forte. People who can make jeans and a white t-shirt look effortlessly chic have my deepest admiration. I’m thinking celebriteis at airports. Jennifer Aniston. Italians. Again: ugh.

On days like today, I usually throw on whatever is hanging on the end of the bed (remember, that place where the 30% of my wardrobe lucky enough to get worn hangs out?) and traipse around the house feeling pretty haggard. This is not the fault of motherhood by the way; I’ve always had this casual black-hole in my wardrobe. Ask anyone. Plus, having cheated yesterday, I knew today I had to be virtuous. I actually had to take a previously neglected item out of my wardrobe and attempt to reinvent it. Well. Consider it an epic fail.

I bought these trousers last summer when everywhere I looked a geometric print was screaming back at me. You see something often enough and you get a bit brainwashed…its like one of those psychotic scenes from ‘A Clockwork Orange’. You give in (that’s the only way to explain the harem pant, don’t you think?!) Well, this always happens to me in summer – I lose my style pulse. Usually it’s the capri pant that calls out to me…a classic choice but, sadly, in the same category as jeans and a white t-shirt for me. Note to self: must not think of self as Audrey Hepburn. Anyway, that’s merely an aside.

Back to the suspect trousers. I bought them from Next…a shop I usually steer clear of. No big thing – just never had much success there. Why did I buy them then? One: because they could be delivered by 10am the next day and my little family of three were off on a jolly to Windsor. Two: I was in prime ‘baby-fug’ mode and had clearly forgotten that things on models generally don’t look the same in the flesh…or on me. Three: remember that scorching heat wave? The kind that makes right-thinking women like me think they can ‘work’ a bold print, sister? (I know, I went too far!) There you go. Gen-u-wine(!) brain fever.

My attempt to like wearing these trousers did not go well this morning. But at least I complied with the resolution rules. My bedroom floor is awash with the unsuccessful auditonees. Nothing – but nothing – makes these horrendous things look cool. Jumpers, earrings, bracelets, layers, long, tight, over-sized…can I say ugh again? Maybe three is overkill.

In the end, I hoiked them up a bit at the bottom (better but not good) and settled for a basic blue t-shirt with a lace top underneath. Not that I was satisfied with this experimental pairing but there was that tree to take down and that tower of washing to topple.

Of course, it was bound to happen. There’s a reason why 70% of my wardrobe doesn’t get worn. I really should learn to be more judicious in my purchases (adapting resolution right now but a little late for purposes of experiment).

The only way to salvage the day was to go back to accessories…and a little more cheating.

Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Diamond in the rough

These earrings were another sale find…and something I didn’t expect to find at H. Samuel! Half price at £134, I bought them with vouchers. So they were actually free, right? And they’re real sapphires and diamonds…feeling slightly K-Mid in them. I do love pairing this slightly prim, Chelsea house-wife bling with a casual outfit and scruffy ponytail. Even if the trousers are an assault to the senses. It somehow feels decadent to wear real sapphires without brushing your hair. Although perhaps it’s okay if they’re from H. Samuel (no offfence, Mr. Samuel).

Another day, another cuff

Another day, another cuff

Another cuff…I know. I really did used to be majorly ‘in to’ cuffs as I said in my last post. This one is special though – for two reasons: firstly, it reminds me of something out of the Flintstones and how could you not love that? Secondly, it’s the only risky present my hubby has ever bought me. He chose it all on his own, he did – he really, really did.

Day 4 needs to be a better day…and it will be because I have an event to attend. That’s my comfort zone – a dress is allowed and I won’t even be cheating. Whilst I’m glad it’s almost over and I can take these offensive things off in favour of pyjamas, Day 3 hasn’t been totally without purpose. Yes, when the postman arrived, I shielded my legs from him but, do you know what, the very act of trying made me feel good. You might even say…bold.

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