In defence of…my wardrobe! Day 6

Gieves and Hawkes Shirt

A little something blue…and borrowed!

While the cat’s away, the mouse will play…with his clothes! I’ll admit, the whole ‘boyfriend look’ passed me by. I was under the mistaken assumption that one had to be waspishly thin to pull it off but, today, with only a full-bodied bumble bee in sight, I’m giving it a go. Except, this pilfered Gieves and Hawkes shirt really should be classified as the ‘husband look’. He’s on a business trip so he’ll never know. Although, worryingly, he has started following me on Twitter…

This morning, I got up an hour before my daughter, full of energy and ready to start our day…excited to ransack wardrobes. So there you have it, there’s something in this clothes malarkey. For the first time in months, I have beans! Okay, coincidentally, Little G started sleeping through the night recently – after nine relentless months of sleep deprivation – so that may have something to do with it too. But, seriously, this little experiment of mine is definitely working. Like any other day, I have a ‘to do’ list (what I have where my brain used to be)…and, at half past ten in the morning, it’s almost complete!

But back to the outfit. I never thought I could rock a buttoned-up shirt. When I was little, my family used to refer to me as ‘no-neck’…I know, how I suffered(!) And remember those giant apples I told you about? There need be no further explanation than that. But, here I am, embracing it…the merest hint of my no-neck on display.

NW3 by Hobbs SkirtThis tweed girl is the main event though. She has been a bit forsaken and had only flirted with fresh air a couple of times even though I’ve had her for about two years. She’s a little bit bell-shaped and, sadly – at certain angles – makes me look ever-so-slightly bell-shaped too. But, sod it. Ding Dong. With a belt and the shirt, I’m happy to tinkle.

Ring and Plait

Scruffy elegance

Accessories are simple today. Just this French ruby and diamond ring I bought from Ebay for £90. I love me some bling, especially paired with the casual scruffiness of this unkempt fishtail braid. You have to give me kudos for trying with that – I’m definitely a hair rookie and don’t have any of the necessary kit (spot the huge hair band in the main pics?).

This outfit is also giving the kiss of life to a pair of Dickins and Jones shoes. They’re just a little bit tap-shoe esque and haven’t really had their moment on the dance floor but one shouldn’t neglect one’s shoes! So here they are…ready to rumba.

Dickins and Jones Shoes

Ballroom glamour

And there you have it. Not changing the world but changing my world…just a little bit. One outfit at a time. Now, Little G and I have some shapes to sort and I’m pretty sure I just heard the Boden catalogue land on the door mat! Old habits die hard.

Today's Outfit

My best bent-legged model pose

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