In defence of…my wardrobe! Day 10

Today's Outfit

So much time…the hair’s been blow-dried!

So, we’ve finally reached double figures in my New Year’s resolution to wear more of my mistreated clothes. Time is fast ticking away with us. And, fortuitously, time is precisely what I have on my mind today.

Any mother will tell you that time is precious post baby. You tend to do everything in half the time with a quarter of the impact. And there’s a narrow – but very definite – window in which to wrestle yourself out of bed, into the shower and into some clothes before you must wrestle your child out of bed, into a layer of Weetabix and then out of it again (except nobody needs to wrestle Little G out of bed…she’d bounce right out of it herself if she could. At all hours of the night).

Alas, if you miss this five or ten minute opportunity, you’re basically scuppered. These are the Bridget Jones days, when you wander around in an ineffable stupor, leaving a trail of chaos in your wake. And probably clenching your bladder into the bargain. This morning was just such a morning. Little G started nursery today so choosing this morning to hit ‘snooze’ was decidedly unwise. Cue a mad scramble around the breakfast table.

Author Looking Shocking

Oh dear.

Any mother with a child at nursery will also tell you that, prior to starting nursery, you generally have a week of ineffectual taster days in order to prevent what is going to be an inevitably traumatic event either way. Well, after turning up for a week in full make-up and a myriad of ‘put-together’ outfits, there were a few raised eyebrows when I turned up looking bedraggled (to say the least).

Still, the rest of the day I had nothing to do but get dressed and write this blog. In a dreamland, I did…I’m a list-writer, remember? I had written myself an unconquerable list of colossal length. The Goliath of all ‘to-dos’. So, today’s kit had to be quick and functional.

NW3 by Hobbs Blouse

Even I hadn’t anticipated this much Hobbs!

To the outfit then. Another NW3 by Hobbs blouse. I used to wear this to work. But that was before I grew a mum-tum. Now, the buttons strain around the middle. I need to do something about this at some point. Maybe add it to the ‘to-do’ list? So, I’ve hidden the bulging buttons under a Boutique by Jaegar jersey and added a little flourish of vintage to the Peter Pan collar.

Nails Inc Nails

Nails Inc – the Hurlingham

Since scrubbing the loo doesn’t really require glamour (though it does make it more palatable), I’ve abandoned accessories in favour of a little flush of the Hurlingham polish by Nails Inc. You’ve got to love a red nail with faded Boden chinos and a sweat top. I love a little subtle contradiction.

Somehow, I managed to do all this, selfie manicure included, by 10am. Still plenty of time to attack the ‘to-dos’. Maybe even be time for a brew…if only it was on the list. Damn it.

NW3 by Hobbs Blouse

Spots and horse-print. Perfect.

Vintage brooches

The un-mined jewels

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