In defence of…my wardrobe! Day 14

Today's Outfit

Oh go on, Miss H…’Cheese!’

Today, I’m unleashing my inner Miss Havisham.

Most women have something in their closet they just can’t throw away. Something they’re emotionally attached to. I have lots: a one-shoulder sequinned top I wore to death at university; the halterneck I’m wearing in a photo of my husband and I when we first met; a t-shirt with ‘Nobody Puts Baby Lisa in the Corner’ emblazoned on the back (clearly, from my Dirty Dancing themed hen night!)

You see – all I need is a veil of dust and a stockpile of spider webs and my wardrobe would be a veritable smörgåsbord of Havisham chic.

River Island Dress

A summer print you can’t argue with?

This River Island dress was my actual hen night dress – they let me change out of the t-shirt, much to my delight. I’ve worn it a couple of times since then, usually on holidays. The print is distinctly summery and, because I’m a total coward when it comes to confrontation, I just never bothered arguing with it. But this morning, we had ourselves a little tussle. I won’t lie – hair flew. But I think I won.

It’s surprising what a Havisham-esque lace top and a length of grosgrain ribbon will do for a summer dress. If there was such a thing as a Swiss Army knife of fashion kit, these two things should be prime utensils.

Office Sandals

Funny ha ha or funny peculiar?

For fun, I styled it with Office sandals – carrying on the summer/winter switcheroo but, on balance, I think I’d go for the more sensible (and age-appropriate) option of these Nine West shoes…I think if Miss Havisham were a modern gal, she’d probably favour a bit of leopard print. In fact, she’d probably be Bet Lynch.

Nine West Shoes

Borrowed from Bet

I stole the hair from Emma Watson at the Golden Globes…poor thing never saw me coming (insert appropriate wizarding joke…cloak of invisibility etc). It wasn’t me who half-inched the back of her dress though, honest!

Today's Hair

Sorry, Emma!

Today's Shoes

Hmm, which pair of pretties?

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