In defence of…my wardrobe! Day 16 and 17

The Isabella Oliver Dress

Too lazy?

You know what they say about buses. Well, it seems it applies to blog posts too. Two come along at once…well, they do when you’ve got the lurgy!

You might not know that babies get between eight and ten colds in their first year. Each one lasts up to ten days. So, potentially, you could be looking at a tired, grumpy baby for around 100 days in year one. That’s 27% of their life before their first birthday. And 27% of yours.

Your first thought when your baby gets a cold is ‘poor mite’, swiftly followed by ‘poor me!’ which then gives way to ‘damn nursery germy kids!’ And, like Eliot when he becomes one with ET, if baby suffers, so must you. You will inevitably get ill.

Today's Outfit

Simple change…big difference

So yesterday I had a slight relapse into leggings. The dress is a hangover from maternity wear but to the unitiated, could be any old maxi dress. It’s from Isabella Oliver, ruches in all the right places, and is the dress equivalent to a cosy pair of slippers. Just what you need when your skin’s on fire and your stomach feels like you’ve had a particularly naughty gastric band fitted…the Dr. Evil of all gastric bands.

Orelia Necklaces

Could almost be Pilgrim, no?

I did try the virgin version of this outfit – totally sans gimmick – but prefer it with a simple striped jumper over the top. It just looked like I’d made an effort that way. Which I hadn’t.

I accessorised it with a cheapie John Lewis belt and a pair of Orelia necklaces. You’ve heard the saying: more is more. Or something like that. But the best accessories are the pallid cheeks and sweat-soaked brow. The best-dressed patient in town.

Whistles Midi Skirt

Winter yellow?

Today, feeling only marginally better, I pulled off what I consider to be a real wardrobe coup.I’ve been trying to coax this Whistles skirt out into the winter months for years. Poor thing feels the cold terribly. But, with this cable jumper from Asos, and the same blue belt from yesterday, I think she’s found her inner Snow Queen.

Today's Outfit

Whistles and ASOS

Ideally, I’d pair it with knee-high boots but, since I’m not allowed to cheat and go out and buy a pair, the suede Bertie ankle boots will have to do.


Twinkle, twinkle

Reinventing this skirt for winter was a necessity, really, considering the British weather. I have worn it over the years but only on rare sunny days. So…about three times. Hardly economical.

Having said that, the sheer, light-weight fabric is yet to go out and be tested in the bracing wind. That should be fun. I’m sure she’ll creep back into hiding with her tail between her legs after that adventure.

Whistles Skirt, ASOS Jumper

Yes but can she withstand the wind?

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