Liebster Love


With a very red face, I have to admit to being very tardy. And, as a woman who’s habitually over-prepared and compulsively over-punctual, this is not something I’m proud of! No. Not at all.

A few weeks ago, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Khoa Sinclair who blogs about art, fashion, love and life (by the way, I really like this post: The Five Positives of Being Single). And, even though I was really touched to be thought of, it’s taken me all this time to post about it. Why? Because I’m a little stuck for what to say! As a total novice blogger, I’d never heard of a Liebster so I did a bit of research…safe to say I’ve got with the programme now and I know my duty. But that’s where I get a bit stuck. Saying thank you is easy – thank you, thank you, thank you – there, see? Hugely humbled and grateful. That bit, I can do.

It’s the next bit I get stuck with. I follow dozens of blogs (quite a few about sewing these days) but most have oodles of followers and when I started going back through their history, most have received the Liebster before. Hmm…what to do? Well, the search will have to go on. In the meantime, below are the last five blogs I read…and that will have to do! If you can direct me to any ‘new blogs’, I’d love to follow some links and share the Liebster love! I hope the Liebster monster doesn’t come and eat up my blog for breaking the rules.

  1. Dolly Clackett (blogs about dressmaking…awesome skills!)
  2. Delightfully Tacky (amazing photography…seriously enviable style).
  3. The Bookshelf of Emily J (it is what it says on the tin…and what a shelf it is!)
  4. Miss Informed Mummy (thoughtful posts about family life)
  5. Almond Rock (pretty cool sewing blog)

So, the Liebster comes with a list of questions from the nominator to the nominee. Here are my answers, Khoa!

1. What is/was your favorite subject in school?

I was a bit of a super-geek for all things English and drama ( but, in general, I was one of those kids who just fades into the wallpaper).

2. Is your closet organized? If so, what is the system?

Two closets…an occasional system. The system never sticks, unfortunately!

3. What is your song of the week?

Loving all things Jake Bugg at the moment. This kid is the only thing (apart from me obviously) putting my home town on the map. And he’s doing it flipping well!

4. Even if you’re bad at cooking (like I am) what is your favorite dish to make?

I cook because if I didn’t, I’d die. And so would my family! Not a single thing…apart from the archetypal English Victoria sponge cake.

5. What creams or face washes do you swear by?

I’m so disloyal in this area…although I love me a little Lancôme.

6. Describe your go to outfit for a bad day?

Dress. Dress. Dress. And then another dress.

7. Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda? Why?

I’d like to think a good mix of all…although other people would say Charlotte (because they tend to think I’m ‘prim’).

8. Where do you want to spend the rest of your life (city wise that is)?

Wherever life takes me, I’m happy to go.

9. Your favorite fashion show of all time? Mine would have to be the Versace S/S 08.


10. What is your dream job?

1940s Hollywood siren? Is that available?

11. Dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who do you choose?

You know what? Sometimes I really like to eat alone…and very slowly. But that’s just the harassed Mummy speaking.

2 thoughts on “Liebster Love

  1. Love your answers!!! I also loved English in school, hence me majoring in it now. And I wish I had two closets! But being in college rent only allows me a tiny sliding door they call…a “closet.”

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