In defence of…my wardrobe! Day 4

Today's Outfit

Today’s challenge

Today, as promised, is a good fashion day. Yes, it’s a dress – my favoured uniform – and, yes, it’s NW3 by Hobbs – a brand I adore – but that doesn’t mean this was easy. In fact, I get oh-so-many brownie points for this one.

This autumnal patterned dress is gorgeous but, uncharacteristically for me, has been languishing in my wardrobe for about seven months without so much as a peek at sunlight. Poor dear. This, I promise you, is its debut and, for me, it’s a truly triumphant one.

To the back-story then. Prepare yourselves because this is going to come as a shock. Your body changes when you’ve had a baby. Not surprised? Well, believe it or not, this obvious little detail shocked the hell out of me!

When I bought this stunning pleated dress, I thought it had me written all over it – the kind of thing I’d wear almost habitually to work or to lunch with friends so, when I saw it on sale (and feeling desperate to wear something other than grim, flap-ridden nursing tops), I clicked it into my cart and waited for the postie with bated breath.

Imagine my disappointment when my not-quite-perfect-but-nicely-voluptuous-hour-glass figure had suddenly become…what, an apple? No. Two giant apples and a watermelon in a sack. Oh. Dear. But, mawkish to the end about my beloved Hobbs, I could not send it back. They had done no wrong. It was I who had committed the crime against fashion…or rather my errant paunch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not repulsed by my post-baby body. In fact I’m quite stalwart in my admiration of it but facts are facts. This dress no longer suited me. Until, that is, I made a simple resolution…

Long shot of outfit

Happy bunny

So, here it is and all it took was a scraggy, oversized t-shirt to make me fall totally and utterly in love.

Boots and Bag

Bertie boots and Camden Market bag

The bag and boots too, have scant seen love since they came into my life. I bought the bag from Caaaamden market last January and it hasn’t adorned my shoulder since then. Likewise, the suede Bertie boots – bought on the same trip to London – have taken barely a step out of the closet. I told you: brownie points…

…in fact, so many brownie points that tonight I am going out to dinner in a brand new Hobbs dress. Because I can. I’ve earned it. Well, at least the earrings have been dredged up from the abandoned jewellery pile – an unworn vintage Ebay buy intended for my wedding day three years ago that were ditched in favour of a better pair. Well, tonight, they finally go to the ball!

The New Dress

Smug…very smug

So, here are the details:


First apply earrings…


Seasonally appropriate legwear


The humble t-shirt – a saving grace

Outfit with Hobbs Coat

A stroll in Manchester

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